Office Setup | To start with your MS Office Setup, the first things that you need is a valid product key code. Visit and enter the product key so that you could get the Installation setup for installing office.

 Meanwhile, for the better understanding of product key and, necessary steps to complete office setup, users can check below

What is a Product Key and why it is required?

Now days most of the computer software is based on the cloud technology that is why user’s are not getting CD or Disk for Software’s. All the software companies are providing some kind of verification number that’s called License number,Key code and Product key.In case of MS Office you will get a 25 Character Alphanumeric code for Office Setup. 

Office Setup product key is required for user identity verification process.It may be required your Email or Phone to verify identity before get started with 

Where do I find my Product key? to get started with

The Product Key is printed on the card inside the Microsoft Office packaging. To find your Product Key, open the packaging and remove the card. The 25-character alpha-numeric code is printed on the back of the card. 

Sample Product Key format: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX .

What can I do from 

Office Setup from

  • Setup Office 365
  • Setup Office 2013
  • Setup & Install Office 2011 for Mac
  • Setup & Install Office 2010
  • Technical help and support for Office 365, Office 2013, Office 2010, Office 2007 and Office 2003.

Business support for Office 365

  • Knowing Office 365 for business
  • Get started with Office 365 for business
  • Troubleshooting issues
  • Office 365 is best for business
  • Explore more and work together from different locations, Swith to office 365 now

Account help

  • Manage subscription and installs
  • Cancel / Transfer / Share an Office subscription
  • Help with Microsoft account
  • Help with My Account for Office
  • Check Active Device 
  • Turn On / Of Auto Renewal 



Microsoft is the full suite of Microsoft productivity software that combines a variety of applications, services, and servers like Excel, PowerPoint, Word, One note, Publisher, and Access. 

Apart from the operating systems, these programs are Microsoft’s key products that are widely used the software in the world. Microsoft Office Setup packages all the best software that Microsoft has to offer. It includes all the applications and tools that are required in a basic office environment.

Today Microsoft Office Setup is not only available for Windows device, but also for Macs, and mobile devices. The Microsoft Office 2016 suite looks as reliable and essential as its predecessors and a lot has changed.  Considering the great prevalence of documents, spreadsheets and presentations made with these programs the newer versions of these products are always backward compatible.

Microsoft Office is an office suite that includes a range of professional document and database applications, servers and services. 

This wide range includes many of the familiar and popular programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Microsoft Access, Onenote, and also applications such as Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio, Skype for Business, and SharePoint Designer. 

As far as server applications are concerned, it packs in Microsoft Search Server and Lynch Server, and also services like and Microsoft Update.

This wide variety of programs and services brings in a lot of flexibility for the users to perform their different tasks that are an essential part of their business, academics, and work. 

With Microsoft Office, you can easily and effectively create text documents, presentations, spreadsheets, access and manage email, design websites, have video conferences, take notes, and more. All this can be done easily and effectively. 

Every Microsoft Office program virtually defines the standard in their respective field.


How to get your Office Setup

  • Sign in with your Microsoft account
  • You’ll need your Microsoft Account for doing everything with Office. Users who are using Microsoft service like, One Drive, Xbox Live, or Skype, already have an account. So if you have Microsoft account Sign in otherwise you need to create a new account.
  • If you already have your product key and looking for your software, Install from
  • Enter your Microsoft product key
  • Get your Office Product Key Activation

If you have your MS office product key, you can activate MS office suite on any of your device that meets the basic requirements of Office installation and activation.

In case MS Office is already installed in any device and user want to Activate with Office Product key, Simply click on Activate Office there you will get two options Online or Via phone .

Online- This option will ask for your Microsoft Account Email and password in order to verify and Activate

Phone- In this option IVR will provide you a long code that you need to fill on the Activation screen to Activate Office Setup 

                                         Microsoft Office Setup 2016

If you are installing Office 2016 or Office 2013 home plan and having a problem with slow internet speed, you can download Office offline install file and install office at your ease. 

You can download offline installer for only for Office home plan only.

  1. If you have Office 365 Home subscription you will see Install > option you need to select that option.
  2. First of all, you need to go Sign in with your Microsoft account which is associated with Microsoft Office subscription.
  3. Select Language and install options for Office subscriptions (For Office 2013 select Additional install options and then skip to step 4)
  4. Now Choose Additional install options.
  5. Now select Download offline installer.
  6. This step will take you the bottom of your browser window. You will see different options in a different browser you have to select Open (in Internet Explorer), Open when done (in Chrome), or Save File (in Firefox). The file will start the download.
  7. When the download is finished, open File Explorer. You’ll see another virtual drive, for instance (D:), that contains the Office install files. In the experience that you don’t see the new drive, find the picture image you downloaded and double tap it. The new drive ought to show up in your registry.

Note: If you as of now have another drive marked D, Office makes a virtual drive with the following accessible letter.

Double tap on setup.exe will start offline Office install. You will see the message, You’re all set, you can get to your Office applications.

Now Office Install is finished, you need to activate Microsoft Office. This time you need to connect to the Internet and open any Office application, for example, Word or Excel. The first occasion when you open an application, you may see the Enter your Office product key. Here pick Sign in with an active account instead.

 Note: Product key does not work here you need login with Microsoft office subscribed account.

Enter your Microsoft account. Here enter your email address and password connected with the version of MS Office you are installing, and then select Next.

 In the event that provoked, enter the email address and password once more, and after that pick, Sign in to begin utilizing Office.

Since you’ve successfully activated Microsoft Office setup, you must ensure you have the most recent upgrade version of Office. In any Office application, for instance, Word, select File, > Account. From the Update Options drop-down rundown box, select Update Now.


Office Setup Support for Mac

  • Install Office 365 Home Premium on a Mac
  • Set up Outlook for Mac 2011
  • Mac software updates
  • Technical support for Mac

Technical Support for Windows

  • Install Office 365, 2013
  • Install Office 2010
  • Install Office 2007, 2003 or lower
  • Product key help
  • Contact Office Support
  • Continued support for Office 2003 when it is ending

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